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  • USD: 0.00 - 0.00
  • EUR: 197.86 - 0.00
  • GBP: 230.91 - 0.00
  • YEN: 1.51 - 0.00
  • UAE: 46.15 - 0.00
  • SR: 45.18 - 0.00
  • CAN: 132.76 - 0.00
  • HKD: 21.58 - 0.00
  • KD: 557.39 - 0.00
  • QR: 43.09 - 0.00
  • OR: 439.48 - 0.00
  • Bhr D: 447.56 - 0.00
  • AUD: 121.86 - 0.00
  • SF: 182.28 - 0.00
  • DK: 26.48 - 0.00
  • NK: 19.50 - 0.00
  • SK: 19.37 - 0.00
  • (Note: The rates are indicative only. Please contact the nearest branch, or call at 03 111 222 156 for updated information.)


Dollar East Exchange Company (Pvt.) Limited is a leading exchange company in Pakistan. The company is one of the pioneers to start currency exchange business in the country. It was amongst the first companies to receive the license of money changer from State Bank when this business was regularized in 1992. When State Bank established exchange companies in Pakistan in 2002, Dollar East was the second exchange company to be awarded permission.

Dollar East received exchange company License on 2nd May 2003 and commenced its operation on 7th July 2003. Under the exchange company license, Dollar East is authorized to deal in the business of currency exchange and inward/outward remittances in a regulated environment. The company is authorized to set up its own branches or grant franchise arrangements for full range of services. The Company is also allowed to establish its own or franchised payment booths for inward remittances all over Pakistan.

Dollar East currently operates a network of 45 branches in 29 cities which are strategically located in all high potential areas. The company has aggressive plans to expand its branch network to other areas of Pakistan. Dollar East is a customer focused company and has always offered and maintained products, services and policies aimed at best satisfying the customer needs. The infrastructure, systems and procedures are regularly reviewed and improved to ensure the customers are provided with fast, convenient and reliable service.

The Company operates within the provision of the national and international law. It is working closely with the regulatory authorities to promote the awareness and implementation of all regulatory requirements. It is fully aware and responsive to its role and responsibilities in the international anti-money laundering drive.