Currency Exchange

The need for foreign currency exchange can arise anytime. When traveling abroad, you are usually short of time, as there are many things on your mind. As a traveler, one of your main concerns is to get the foreign currency beforehand; experienced people know that it's risky to travel without it. Don't worry! Take the stress out of your next trip. Even when you're in a rush and time is short to catch your flight, you can rely on Dollar East.

Dollar East provides exchange facility for all major currencies, also makes the process simple and hassle free. Customers get the currency exchanged at very competitive rates. The branch network is also linked with Reuters International so that the company can offer competitive rates according to latest trends and fluctuations in the international market.

Frequent users of Currency Exchange:

  • International Travelers (Students, Immigrants, Hajj & Umrah Pilgrims)
  • Overseas Pakistanis
  • Foreign Currency Account holders

Requirement for transactions:

  • CNIC will be required along with its photocopy for every transaction equal to or more than $500.
  • Approval of State Bank of Pakistan is required for every sale transaction equal to or more than $50,000. 
  • Less than $35000 currecny sale will be based on transaction, while, currency sale of $35000-50,000, payments will be made through cross cheque or payorder.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Expired CNIC will not be accepted.
  • According to the State Bank of Pakistan, all KYC procedures will be followed for any transaction.