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FE Circular No. 01 of 2018
Jan 12, 2018

The Presidents/Chief Executives of all
Authorized Dealers in Foreign Exchange

Dear Sirs / Madam,
Monthly Foreign Exchange Returns - Acquisition of Forms-E Data

Attention of the Authorized Dealers (ADs) is invited to FE Circular No. 08 dated April 19, 2003 regarding the captioned subject.

2. In order to further improve the trade related foreign exchange monitoring, it has now been decided that Form-E related data shall be submitted by ADs to SBP electronically through its Data Acquisition Portal (DAP). Detailed specifications regarding the format and mechanism are attached as Annexure-I.

3. ADs shall submit the above mentioned data on monthly basis latest by 4th of the following month for each reference month before submission of monthly ITRS data. ADs are, therefore, advised to improve their systems according to the new requirements and start reporting the subject data to the Statistics & Data Warehouse Department, SBP from January, 2018 onwards.

4. Accordingly, the 1st data file shall be reported to SBP by ADs through DAP by February 4, 2018. The file should include Form-E data for which realization is outstanding as on June 30, 2017. The same shall also include data relating to all Forms-E issued by AD since July 01, 2017 till January 31, 2018 for which shipments have been made irrespective of realization status.

5. It may also be noted that in case of any misreporting/incomplete/discrepant reporting, appropriate regulatory action shall be taken against the concerned AD under relevant rules and regulations.

6. All other instructions on the subject shall remain unchanged.

7. ADs are advised to bring the above instructions to the notice of all their constituents and ensure meticulous compliance.

 i   Data Warehouse Support:   Tel: 021-32453623;
 ii   Mr. Muhammad Shafi, Joint Director   Tel: 021-32453659
 iii   Mr. Asif Ali, Deputy Director   Tel: 021-32455615;

Encl: As above
Your truly,
Fazal Mahmood  (Director)