Elections of Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan (ECAP)

Elections of Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan (ECAP) was held on 22 February 2015 at Hospitality Inn Hotel, Lahore. Mr. Naeem ud din was the Election Commissioner of the Association. Chief Guest and observer of the ceremony were Mr. Farooq Dar and Mr. Sheikh Nayyer.

The results by Election Commissioner of Association are as follows:

President - Mr. Sheikh Allauddin (CEO, Ravi Exchange Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.)
Vice President South - Mr. Nasir Yousaf (CEO, Habib Qatar International Exchange Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.)
Vice President Central - Mr. Sheikh Mureed Hussain (Director, Fairdeal Exchange Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
General Secretary - Mr. Zafar Paracha (CEO, Paracha Exchange Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.)
Finance Secretary - Mr. Malik Zulfiqar (Director, Zee Que Exchange Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.)

Participants of this Election were Mr. Malik Muhammad Bostan, Mr. Haji Haroon, Mr. Muhammad Awais Shahbaz, Mr. Muhammad Naeem, Mr. Muhammad Anees, Mr. Sheikh Allauddin, Mr. Asmat Ullah, Mr. Hunaid, Mr. Muhammad Shafi, Mr. Muhammad Asim, Mr. Masood ur Rehman, Mr. Aman Ullah Khan, Mr. Muhammad Saleem, Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Umair, Mr. Malik Zulfiqar, Mr. NasirYousaf, Mr. Shahid Butt, Mr. Arsalan Sheikh, Mr. Abid Hussain, Mr. Qaisar Abbas, Mr. Muhammad Iqbal, Mr. Syed Furqan, Mr. Raja Sajid and Mr. Sheikh Sajid Hussain.

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