Help GIFT University and Roshni Homes to Help Earthquake Victims

GIFT University and Roshni Homes Trust have joined hands to bring much needed relief to earthquake victims. For this

purpose relief camps have been set up at Bagh and Balakot. These relief camps are providing food, clothing, tents, bedding and medical aid to the affected people. These camps also have ambulances which provide mobile medical aid to the injured.

A first convoy of four trucks left Lahore for Balakot and Bagh on 12 October 2005. The second convoy of four trucks will leave for the affected areas from Roshni Homes Trust Gujranwala on 14 October 2005. The aid material includes 350 tents, 100 sleeping bags, 800 blankets, food, clothing and medicines.

Besides providing immediate relief to the quake victims, Roshni Homes Trust (a welfare trust for children without parental care), will also adopt young children who have lost their parents in the earthquake.

Roshni Homes will provide these children with food, shelter, best education, motherly care and home like environment, so that it can lead to the balanced development of their intellectual, moral and physical traits. The objective is to make these destitute children highly productive and responsible members of the society through higher education and character building. Information for the adoption of such orphans can be provided to Roshni Homes Trust Gujranwala: (055) 111-900-200 Lahore: (042) 111-900-200 Relief Camp Balakot or Bagh: 008821689801766.

Dollar East and other Credence Group Companies has provided these organizations with an initial grant of Rs. 2 million for relief operations. Faculty, students of GIFT University and volunteers of Roshni Homes Trust are working hard to raise more aid for the quake victims. For this purpose collection stalls have been set up in Gujranwala at GIFT University Campus, Satellite Town, Model Town and Gondalanwala Adda.

In Lahore, donations are being collected at Roshni Homes Trust Marketing Office in Gulberg. Donations can be in the form of Dry Food, clothing, beddings, tents and cash. Arrangements are in place for rapid movement of aid supplies to the quake victims. Those desirous to donate or work as volunteers can contact GIFT University or Roshni Homes Trust at the following numbers:

Resident Director, Roshni Homes Trust Gujranwala   (055) 111-900-200 / 03008641853
Mr. Nadeem Mustafa, Roshni Homes Trust Lahore    (042) 111-900-200 / 03008488804
Mr. Nabeel Pervez, Roshni Homes Trust Lahore        (042) 111-900-200 / 03008640447
Mr. Nouman Ehsan, GIFT University Gujranwala         (055) 111-900-100 / 03008741533
Mr. Nadeem Janjua, GIFT University Gujranwala        (055) 111-900-100 / 03008640606
Camps Balakot or Bagh                                               008821689801766



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