Branch of the Month Awards

Dollar East has a tradition of honoring the excellence, dedication, and service of those professionals whose steadfast efforts have improved the image of the Company. The Management of Dollar East Exchange Company has recently announced the winners of Branch of the Month Awards 2008. The ceremony was held to acknowledge the achievements of award winning branches of Dollar East Exchange Company during the months of January 2008 to June 2008. Certificates were distributed and monetary rewards were announced for the branches showing distinguished and outstanding performance. The award distribution ceremony was held at the Branch Managers meeting on 10th August 2008 in Gujranwala. The meeting was attended by the honorable Board of Directors, Mr. Mehfooz ur-Rehman, Mr. Irfan Gillani, Branch Managers and the Management of Dollar East.

The awards were conferred on the basis of bringing highest percentage increase and generating highest business volume in a month. Dollar East Peshawar Branch emerged as Branch of the Year in 2007. Whereas the Branch of the Month awards were also presented to Panorama Branch, Kharian Branch, Swat Branch, Gujrat Branch and Mirpur Branch. The Directors and Management of Dollar East appreciated the outstanding performance of winning branches and encouraged other branches to win this performance competition in the coming months.
Kharian Branch Jan, 08 Panorama Branch Jan,08 Sawat Branch, Feb, 08
Peshawar Branch Feb, 08 Peshawar Branch Apr, 08 Sawat Branch, April 08
Panorama Branch May 08 Gujrat Branch May,08 Mirpur Branch June, 08
Peshwar Branch June, 08

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